home staging

How many times have potential buyers made up their minds about your property within seconds of entering the home?

Most buyers reasons vary from too cramped, poor lighting, unappealing color, distractive ornamentation, or a myriad of other reasons depending on the buyer. People begin house hunting in a very logical state of mind, but ultimately they buy a home for emotional reasons. It's emotions, the feelings, and desire for a comfortable home and lifestyle that propels buyers to purchase a specific house.

When selling your home, there are a number of things you can do to evoke a desirable lifestyle that stimulates the purchase response. Better still, let’s look at your home through the eyes of the buyer who is comparing the property to the ideal of new homes, model homes and homes that have been updated with amenities.

Clean windows inside and out
Open the window coverings and let the sun shine in
Turn on the lights-day or night
Clean light fixtures, fans and chandeliers
Remove clutter to visually enlarge the room
Clean and shine door knobs, knockers, appliances, floors
A fresh coat of paint will brighten the home
Remove posters and adhesive from walls and doors
Expand counter space by removing small appliances

Savvy agents and sellers appeal to the emotions of potential buyers and obtain the best possible selling prices in the shortest time possible. Anytime you create a situation where a property is more aesthetically pleasing, it moves the buyer to the next step.