How we work for you

Owning your own home is still the American dream, and I love helping people make this dream become a reality. My goal is to help you along the road toward the fulfillment of your goal, and to make both of our jobs easier. I can give you advice and information on the many steps required for buying a home. If you have questions about any aspect of the process of buying a home, do not hesitate to call/e-mail me.

When we meet, one of our objectives will be to determine a price range that is comfortable for you. This will depend on two things: how much monthly house payment you prefer and feel comfortable with, and how much you plan to invest in the down payment and closing costs. I can also help you obtain financing and explain financing terms, etc. to you, if you like.

Another objective of our initial meeting will be to determine where you might like to live and the type of houses you prefer. We will discuss what you like and dislike about homes and your lifestyle, then we will examine your preferences in the context of your price range in order to select homes and neighborhoods that will optimize your quality of life.

A third objective will be to determine how we will work together. The choices: buyer agency, and seller agency. As your agent, I can discuss information that may enhance your bargaining position such as:

The seller's urgency to sell.

The seller's willingness to take less.

Whether the property is worth the asking price

The availability of like properties at a better price.

How certain property features may affect future marketability.

How outside factors may lower property values.